Terry Logie

What to expect from a Therapeutic Aromatherapy Massage

Before your first massage, you will be required to complete a form giving brief details of your medical history, and the reason you have come for a massage.

You will be asked for any expectations you might have for the session.
It is important for the Therapist to know of any injuries, operations, allergies or other medical conditions.

Some essential oils are contra-indicated eg: for someone with a sensitive skin, or high blood pressure.

A brief discussion will follow to establish where any problem areas are, and which you wish the therapist to concentrate on.

A blend of essential oils will then be mixed to suit your needs at the time. The same blend is not necessarily used for every session, since your needs could change.

The room and plinth are heated for your comfort, and soft music is played to block out any outside noises and distractions.
The therapist will then apply the warmed oil blend and begin work.

The aim of an Aromatherapy Massage is for you to achieve a state of relaxation and experience muscular relief. This state may often last for a few days afterwards. You should enjoy greater mobility and peace of mind.

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